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Award-winning Unity Fertility Clinic is dedicated to supporting both men and women on the journey towards fertility and beyond.

Many come to us who have lost faith in their bodies; perhaps they've been told they are infertile or at least may struggle to conceive without the aid of IVF. Others have found no logical reason why pregnancy has been elusive, but we find that all of these have in some way or another fallen out of balance with their bodies.

Acupuncture is recognised world-wide as being beneficial to support fertility, but it's only part of the treatment. At Unity Fertility our dedicated practitioners will work with you to look at all aspects of your life to help put your body back into balance and be best placed to achieve your goal.

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Mo Froud

Clinic Director


Owner and acupuncturist

I have an absolute passion for supporting people through their fertility journey, and as a Mother, to be able to help others is incredibly rewarding.

I previously trained as a nurse and really believe the best approach is an integrated one. Most people come to me quite disconnected from their bodies, and sometimes have handed their health over to others to take care of them getting pregnant (especially in the case of IVF).

But all aspects of health need to be viewed and supported to enable the right balance to achieve conception. I therefore guide patients on diet, lifestyle and even through the emotional upheaval they can experience at this time.

It can be a minefield working through test results you may receive, but you can lean on me for help in understanding what they mean. I also look through the lense of chinese medicine on how best to meet any issues head-on.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of couples and I will never tire of just how wonderful it is to hear when they have been successful. I am so, so proud that my clinic has won the CAM Clinic of the Year award 2015. 

I trained at the University of Westminster and graduated after completing a three year BSc(Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Hye-Eun


Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist

Hye-Eun was born and brought up in Korea, where the practice of Chinese Medicine is deeply rooted in daily life. She is a graduate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading, and has been practising in Brighton, Hove and Lewes, East Sussex, over the past twelve years. 

Since graduating, she has dedicated herself to continuous professional development as well as running her acupuncture practices from very well established clinics in Lewes and Hove. During her years of practice, Hye-Eun has completed various post graduate trainings, including fertility, IVF/IUI and pregnancy support, including the studies with professor Yuning Wu, one of the most eminent fertility specialists and gynaecologists at the Beijing Hospital in China. She also worked in the Gateway Clinic in Lambeth hospital, London, for three years, where she gained valuable experience in the treatment of pain mangement and cancer support. She is currently participating in a support group in London, run by Andrew Flower, one of the UK's most respected Chinese herbal practitioners, as part of her continuous professional development.

Hye-Eun is a very ‘hands on’ person, who is good at building rapport and gaining trust. Her treatment style is a pragmatic mix of Five Elements and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), always within the context of a holistic approach. Running a busy clinic means needing to be very efficient, not only in being able to make prompt and accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, but also being at the top of ones skills at all times. Hye-Eun is on the clinical observation practitioners’ list at CICM, and she finds sharing her enthusiam and her understanding of the learning processs with students highly rewarding, even though they are at the beginning of their studies.

Hye-Eun is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.



Following a lifelong passion for good food and nutrition, I completed a three year course in Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London and am a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists as well as registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council – (CNHC) - the UK regulator for complementary therapists - supported by the government.

I will help you optimise your well-being through practical, realistic and achievable advice which is individualised based on your personal history and circumstances.   In the initial 2 hour consultation, I  will take an in-depth review of  your current symptoms, previous medical history, family history, and your different bodily systems e.g. digestion, nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine function (thyroid, adrenals, glucose control, stress, sleep), reproductive system, immune system etc.

I will also closely analyse your current diet through a 'food and mood' diary, then carefully assess any nutritional deficiencies that may exist.  I will then provide you with an individualised nutrition and lifestyle plan focusing on maximising long term health.


Massage Therapist
I am a massage therapist and practice Swedish Massage and specialise in Deep Tissue, Antenatal and Postnatal treatments.

My treatments are tailored to suit the clients wishes, which promotes a deep sense of relaxation and relief from the pressures of everyday living, in a safe, warm and calming environment.
I have a VTCT Level 3 in Swedish Massage with furthers qualifications attained from the prestigious Jing Institute in Brighton.

I am fully insured and registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapies


Alex has worked as a holistic therapist since 2004 and is qualified in both holistic and Ayurvedic therapies.

“I take great pride in my work. I always aim to deliver an attentive, high quality treatment. I am passionate at delivering a unique, customised  experience corresponding to your physical and holistic needs at any particular  moment.

"I have a special interest in fertility as I myself have suffered multiple miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and have followed IVF treatments.

"Clients at Unity Fertility will have access to:  

  • Fertility Massage
  • Bespoke massage
  • Hydrotherm Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage (coming soon)

All treatments incorporate organic oils.

Finally, I am delighted to work alongside Mo in her successful practice, where we will complement each other in a way that together we can support your needs through a unique combination of treatments.



I am a fully-qualified Hypnotherapist passionate about helping clients with a broad range of issues, with one main element in common, Change.

I believe that change is both possible and necessary in order to get the most out of ourselves, and therefore out of life. Hypnotherapy can help you to make changes in both your ways of thinking and behaving. Our minds are made up of two different parts; the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Through deep relaxation it's possible to access your subconscious mind and gently re-programme it to effect the change you desire. 

I graduated from the Isis School of Hypnotheraphy with a diploma in INtegrated Hypnotherapy and NLP in 2013. 



My background has been in teaching and working with families and children from different ethnicities and cultures. I was drawn to acupuncture in my 20s, through my own treatment experiences, and developed a deep interest in the treasure house of Eastern medicine. I went on to qualify from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in 2004. Since then I've completed postgraduate courses and worked with a focus on using acupuncture to support with fertility, pregnancy, preparation for birth and during childbirth. I'm particularly interested in how acupuncture can support emotional health. More recently I've been training to incorporate Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage) in my practice approach.

As a founding member of the Brighton and Hove Natural Fertility Clinic (2005-2011), I’m excited to share my skills and interests with the team at Unity Fertility. I'm a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Acupuncture Childbirth Team, Brighton & Sussex.

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