Booking an appointment - what to expect


Your first consultation is the time we gather a detailed history, this  first consultation can be done by skype or in person whatever you would prefer, or what works best for your schedule. in order to address your root disharmony its very important we take time to gain an understanding of which organ system may be out of balance and help us put together a plan to rebalance the hormones and organ systems.  so in effect its a fact finding and gathering information session. I also have lots of advice you can start to implement right away to help kick start hormonal imbalance, and help reboot your fertility.

The first consultation will cost £85.00

Ongoing treatments will cost £60.00

When it comes to the treatments themselves, it's good to eat something in advance; overall you can expect to feel much calmer, more relaxed and many clients feel more optimistic too as they finally feel heard and supported and feel they have a plan on how to move forward and enhance their fertility.

Following your treatment, it's recommended that you relax as much as possible. 

Please call us to book an appointment: 07824556944

Booking an appointment

It is best to call the clinic to arrange an appointment. However, we may be in the middle of treatments when you ring, but please do leave a message and know that we respond to all messages within the day. 

  • Unity Fertility Treatment Room 1
  • Unity Fertility Treatment Room 2

Treatment Rooms

We have two treatment rooms at the clinic and a welcome area for you to use whilst waiting for your appointment. Please help yourself to the drinks available.

Each treatment room is clean, spacious and calming; reflecting the nurturing environment you can expect from our centre and the team.

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