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We're really proud of how happy our clients are with the clinic itself and the treatments they receive. We've treated hundreds of couples on their fertility journey. Thank you to those who have shared their thoughts with us...

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My husband and I had been struggling to conceive for a couple of years when we were told in July 2014 that we’d need IVF if we had any hopes of me becoming pregnant. I was diagnosed with a low AMH level and my husband also presented a male factor issue. The clinics we visited all spoke highly of acupuncture as a complementary therapy so I looked into whether there was anyone locally.

I came across Mo and I can’t express just how thankful I am that I did! The journey has been an absolute roller-coaster of heartache and financial and emotional stress, but throughout Mo has been my port in the storm. She has been the voice of calm, of knowledge and experience, a pair of sympathetic yet practical ears, and has been incredibly supportive throughout.

Unfortunately, due to a number of issues being identified as we went through each cycle (five in total) the IVF journey wasn’t a quick fix but I can honestly say that the acupuncture treatments really do work. There were a number of times that my lining was not deemed thick enough to move to the next stage, but within 24 hours of a treatment from Mo the thickness would increase to a level that even surprised the consultants on a number of occasions.

I would suffer from a lot of ‘heat’ in my system (constipation, headaches), mainly due to the medication I was on. Each time I had a treatment, these symptoms would ease for at least four days afterwards. Knowing I had the treatments booked in also took a lot of stress away – it was very important that I was doing something to help my body grow great eggs and be ready for transfer naturally.

Yes, it took a while, but I believe I wouldn’t be pregnant (and with twins!) today if it weren’t for the sessions with Mo. I can’t recommend her enough – the treatments are effective and the environment is great. I’m 17 weeks’ pregnant (January 2017) and will continue to see Mo on a monthly basis until the twins are due – it’s even more important that I’m as healthy and fit as I can be now!

Thank you Mo. You’re a star xx

After years of trying and failed IVF cycles, I’m now pregnant with twins and can’t thank Mo enough for all her support, care and amazing acupuncture treatments!



After years of trying for a baby, we started IUI and then IVF treatment. It was really important for me to ensure that I kept relaxed and connected to my body during this time, and I had also heard that acupuncture was of benefit for fertility.

From my initial phone conversation with Mo I knew she was the kind of person who could help me get through this difficult time. She took the time to talk through my situation and feelings in an accepting and compassionate way. She was genuine and accepting - which i really needed.

To be honest I was surprised at how effective the acupuncture was at helping me to relax and feel empowered, and to learn to listen and to trust in my body again. I always got the best night's sleep afterwards!!!

As well as the Acupuncture, Mo also gave advice on a good diet and treated me as a whole person - not just the fertility. I carried on seeing Mo in the happy but anxious first few months of pregnancy and will be returning with my husband for Acupressure sessions before giving birth. She is a lovely lady and her dedication to her job shines through. Thank you Mo.

Mo took the time to talk through my situation and feelings in an accepting and compassionate way.

She was genuine and accepting - which I really needed.



I started seeing Mo in February 2013 after being recommended to me by midwives at my local hospital. We had being trying to conceive our first child for 2 years and had so far been unsuccessful. I was waiting to be referred for fertility treatment.

The first time I saw Mo she was really understanding and instantly made me feel at ease. I felt she was someone who could really help me get back on track. She made me feel relaxed about the acupuncture process and I was not anxious at all. I had previously had a couple of acupuncture sessions, but they had been painful and not relaxing at all. Mo was not like this at all, I felt really relaxed and she was gentle when putting in the needles, any that I wasnt comfortable with she adjusted them carefully. She also discused diet and other things that my husband and I could do to increase our chances of having a child.

I saw Mo every other week and she was also very supportive during our IVF treatment. Unfortunately our two IVF attempts were unsuccsessful, however Mo focused on getting me back on track and getting my body to become a more suitable environment for a baby to grow. My husband and I decided to take a break from the IVF treatment and emotional stress of the whole process.

At the beginning of September, 2013 I was estactic to discover that I was pregnant. I only checked because I was going to see Mo that evening, she was the first one I told! She used safe points throughout my pregnancy and I completely believe that the acupuncture has helped my pregnancy progress as smoothly as it has so far.

I have not had any morning sickness or other of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that many women go through. I have just been able to enjoy being pregnant. I will continue to see Mo throughout my pregnancy and afterwards as the benefits have been so noticable.

Towards the end of my pregnancy Mo has spent time with both my husband and myself to help teach us acupressure points that will help relieve pain in labour. Mo has always been accomodating with appointments and has been so supportive throughout our fertility journey, my husband and I are so lucky and cannot wait to meet our baby really soon.

I completely believe that acupuncture has helped my pregnancy progress smoothly

Fertility Acupuncture


our journey to have a baby has been a long and difficult one but it was so supported by Mo. not only did the acupuncture help to balance out my body for our IVF treatment, I felt a real emotional support from Mo, our time together has helped me understand my monthly cycle, and made sure i was in the best health to conceive.

i wouldn't hesitate to recommend Unity Clinic to anyone trying to conceive

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Unity Clinic to anyone trying  or struggling to conceive



I started seeing Mo half way through my IVF journey. I had been unsuccessful until that point and had been told (even by the Dr) that Accupuncture was worth a try.

I think my weekly sessions with Mo had a huge effect on me. Mo has a vast amount of knowledge about fertility and what to eat etc and would relax me so much I often slept in my sessions, (I could also see direct results of the Accupuncture at one point due to the timing of scans I could see it once caused my lining to thicken when the scanning nurse had not expected it would manage to thicken at all that cycle!).

Who would have thought having needles stuck in you could have such a wonderful positive effect! I believe my sessions with Mo played a large part in my and my husband finally getting our beautiful, precious baby girl who is asleep on my chest right now. As soon as I get time I will be making an appointment so we can start preparing my body for number 2. Mo is a genuine, warm and talented lady who really knows her stuff you could not be in a safer pair of hands

Having suffered recurrent miscarriage I had begun to believe i would never carry a baby to term, when my 12 week scan came around and everything was good  I couldn't believe I had made it that far. 

I truly believe the acupuncture was one of the big contributors to getting that far. I am now 6 days away from my due date


Donna from sussex

I couldn't be more pleased at finding Unity Clinic to help support our fertility journey

After  every appointment we came away feeling reassured about how things were progressing with the acupuncture, I'm delighted to say I'm now 14 weeks pregnant



Mo treated me before my pregnancy and during to great effect. I always felt more balanced, calm, and energised after the acupuncture.

As my due date approached my husband and I booked in for a joint appointment so Mo could show us the Acupressure points which were apparently effective for pain relief during labour, I have to say I was dubious, having been through a natural childbirth before I was well versed in what a contraction felt like!!! However we spent about one hour learning the techniques and I thought I would give them a try.

10 Days overdue I was elated when my waters broke and I laboured into the night, I was unsure if I was actually in labour as I hardly felt any pain at all. During this time my husband was using two of the lower back acupressure points. When contractions were 2 minutes apart my husband really thought we should get the midwife in but I was still unsure and asked him to keep pressing the points.

At 6.00am my eldest daughter woke up and my husband had to go and prepare her to leave with a friend at which point I REALLY felt the contractions. I had no pressure point relief for about an hour and the difference was huge. When my daughter was collected my husband could return to apply the pressure points what a relief. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!!

I also cannot recommend Mo highly enough too, compassionate, kind helpful, professional and with a wealth of experience- she is the lady to see pre/during and post pregnancy. A true acupuncture gem.

I cannot recommend Mo highly enough. She's compassionate, kind helpful, professional and has a wealth of experience

She is the lady to see pre/during and post pregnancy. A true acupuncture gem.


Chris Baker

The one-to-one experience with Nancy was so informative and interesting - we discussed the variety of foods and drinks that we consume and the impact they have upon the body functions, health issues, moods swings, sleep patterns and much, much more.

We also addressed individual dietary modifications to my lifestyle for a whole range of conditions and she empowered me to weigh up the appropriate choices within my daily eating habits.

An accurate assessment of high-quality supplements which I needed were recommended to incorporate into my daily habit.  Fantastic service and I feel like a new man!

Fantastic service and I feel like a new man!

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs


I first came to see Mo for acupuncture in February 2014 after a personal recommendation by a friend.

I instantly felt at ease, Mo was so understanding and extremely knowledgeable. I had polycystic ovaries and I was ovulating late in my cycle. I had spent the last year recovering from a spinal fusion operation so my body had been through a lot.

My husband and I had decided to try for a family and I was keen to make it a reality as quickly as possible, being aware my PCOS may make it difficult. Mo talked me through the right foods to eat, vitamins to take and exercises to do etc. She also recommended I start using Fertility friend website to track my daily temperature and monitor my cycles.

I instantly started to get more energy and feel more positive. Within a few months my ovulation day started moving towards a healthier day. Mo also recommended I tried Chinese herbs which also made a great difference to my cycles. After approximately 8 months my chart was looking great, as it should be to conceive, so Mo recommended seeing my husband and getting some tests run on him to check for any fertility issues. We visited a fertility clinic and were advised I no longer have PCOS and my husband had issues with his sperm morphology and motility, which in turn were stopping us falling pregnant.

Mo started treating my husband and again worked not only with acupuncture but on his diet and recommended vitamins. After one month we repeated his semen analysis and the results were instantly more positive. After three months we tested again and the results were normal.

In February 2015 we found out we are expecting our first baby. Whilst writing this I am 13 weeks pregnant and have had our first scan. I can truly say that without Mo’s help I’m sure we would have never got here on our own. We had looked at going down the IVF route and luckily due to Mo we didn’t need to. I cannot thank her enough.

I am still seeing Mo to help me through my pregnancy. I only hope everyone has the opportunity to work with Mo on their journey – she is amazing!!!

I can truly say that without Mo’s help I’m sure we would have never got here on our own.

We had looked at going down the IVF route and luckily due to Mo we didn’t need to.

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